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The RN7 (National Road number 7) with the travel by train to Manakara tour includes the travel by train from Fianarantsoa to Manakara. The train also leaves from Manakara to Fiananrantsoa and the travel always offers nice views on beautiful landscapes and plantations. This South tour also gives an opportunity to get close to the local Malagasy people. With the National Parks listed in this tour, you will be able to see the Madagascar wildlife in their natural habitat. Ranomafana National Park is best for its different Lemurs and birds species. Isalo National Park is the best place to visit in the South of Madagascar with its natural swimming pools and waterfalls; the canyons are home to the Ring tailed Lemurs.

Precious stones, Wooden craft, Train ride, Canoeing excursion , National Park guided walks, Mountains, Biggest waterfall, Lemurs, Vineyard, Paper factory

 Sunset light over city. Start the tour from Antananarivo to Antsirabe with your personal driver. The ride takes about 4 hours on a good road and twisting. On route, you will meet the beautiful landscape of the rice field and merina typical tombs, villages. Stop at Ambatolampy to visit local forging making cooking pot by aluminium (metalwork). This is the largest town between Antananarivo and Antsirabe and the good place to have lunch. When you arrive in Antsirabe, you have an option to relax or taking a walk by yourself since here is safe town. Horse riding is quite popular here too.
  After the morning breakfast, your driver will pick you up from the hotel to visit the highlights around Antsirabe town including precious stone factory where you can learn how they polish the stones. We then visit the natural source of the spring water at the thermal bath and then onto Andrakiba lake. You can have horse ride around Andrakiba Lake (fees is not included) and this is an optional. We then make our way to Fianarantso. After 89 km south of Antsirabe, you will pass by the centre of Malagasy hand sculptured wooden craft work called Ambositra town. There are many shops here where you can browse for souvenirs and find very good marquetery artisan with retailer price. Then continue up to Fianarantsoa. Distance from Antsirabe to Fianarantso is 243 km and it takes about 4 hours.
 train-manakara  Our driver will transfer you to the train station and you will start the adventure train from Fianarantsoa to manakara. If you are keen on train riding, certainly the trip to Manakara is well worth if you bring sufficient time and patience! The train leaves Fianarantsoa train station on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 am and gets back from Manakara to Fianarantsoa at 6:45 am on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Theoretically, the ride takes about 8 to 12 hours, but practically, it could take much longer with the distance for 163 km. The train pass 67 bridges and 48 tunnels. Do not forget to order your picnic meals from your hotel before you leave since there is no shop at the train. During the train ride, you will see amazing green landscape including different fruit trees and other carnivores plants and meet local people who see white people rarely. When you arrive in manakara, your personal driver will meet you at the train station and take you to the hotel. Even there is a marvellous beach in Manakara, remember that you cannot swim there if you have just eaten pork because it is taboo, and besides the sea looks extremely rough.
and breakfast are included )
 coua-caerulea  After your breakfast, our driver will introduce you your personal guide for the excursion along mpangalane channel by pirogue for half day to see vanilla plantation and essential oil, etc……………This is an option but you can skip it if you are not keen on it. Then you will take your car to Ranoamfana national park .
 ranomafana  After breakfast, your driver will take you to the park office, where you will meet your National Park guide. Depending on your choice, the average circuit will take a minimum of two hours. Longer walks are available. Ranomafana (which means “hot water” in Malagasy) is doubtless one the most spectacular National Parks of Madagascar. The park contains twelve lemur species. Aside from the golden bamboo lemur, visitors can spot eastern woolly lemur, red bellied lemur, eastern grey bamboo lemur, greater bamboo lemur, red-fronted brown lemur, black-and-white ruffed lemur and brown mouse lemur. Other mammals include 7 species of tenrecs, 8 bats and 6 carnivorous. Several of magascar’s birds can be found here which is recommended to the bird watcher.
 ambalavao  Leave Ranomafana Park to ranohira or known at isalo national park. On route, Stopping at the Soavita vineyard where we learn how they produce wine from grape to glass and of course taste the finished product. An entrance fee is in your charge. You can also purchase bottled wine here, at factory prices. Then continue on to Ambalavao where you can visit the Antaimoro paper factory, which is bark Arabian Paper by Avoha tree. Women will demonstrate to you how they make this famous Antaimoro paper using colourful flowers by their hand. There is also a shop where you can buy the finished products. This town is the centre for Zebu (Malagasy horned cattle) trading for all the surrounding countryside. Many tribes bring their herds of cattle here to the weekly Zebu market (every Wednesday). With normally over 1000 animals here it is a fascinating and noisy experience. After the visits, we then drive to Anja Park. Here we stop for a 2-hours guided walk. This rocky park is the best place to see the troops of ring tail lemurs in their natural environment. These animals, although wild, are easy to spot and so friendly. Closed with high quality photograph is well promised. After the park, your journey continues through a range of spectacular rugged mountain tops, to arrive at Isalo national Park where you are free to relax for the rest of the day.
 fenetre de l'isalo  After breakfast, your driver will introduce you the best local guide who will explain to you your circuit options. You choose the circuit that is best for you. The price for the local guide will depend on your circuit’s option. Though wildlife is here not as prominent as in other parks since there are few of lemurs here including sifaka and brown lemurs. The park homes also approximately 80 species of birds (including the rare Benson’s rock-thrush, the knob-billed duck or the crested ibis), 35 of reptiles and several endemic frogs. The flora is indeed more interesting than the fauna. There are several local endemic plants among the 500 species which are found within Isalo, such as the elephant´s foot and some rare palms, aloe species and Pachypodiums. A natural stone cave overlooks a crystal-clear waterfall, which tumbles into a deep green pool surrounded by overhanging pandanus trees. The piscine is a true oasis in the heat of the canyons. Museum of isalo can be visited in the afternoon after your treks from the park or the next day on your route to tulear.
 toliary2 On the way, you can see some traditional tombs of the Mahafaly and Antandroy tribes. Each grave is decorated to tell the story of the person’s life with drawings and often animal heads. Ask your driver or assistance guide about the fady or known as taboo in English. On route, you will see very poor village and few of baobab trees. Then 14 km before entering to tulear, stop at Arboretum Park known as Antsokay. It is a botanical garden specialized in the flora and fauna of Southwest of Madagascar that should not be missed by anyone. There are almost 900 species of plants, 90% endemic to the region. A trained English-speaking guide takes you on a two-hour tour of the improved area, where visitors see around a hundred of species of Euphornia and 60 species of Kalanchoe, as well as an abundance of reptiles and birds. You can have your lunch here after your visits. When you arrive in Tulear you are free to relax or walk around. This trip can be continued to ifaty beach to relax on white sand beach if you still have more days then drive back to tulear and fly to tana or to morondava to see avenue of Baobab avenue.


1. Transfer from Airport to hotel.

2. Special car and driver as needed    throughout

3. 11 Nights hotels.

4. Boat fee on Pangalane Channel.

5. Entrance fees and local guides in parks and    reserves

6. Boat ticket ( Sonierana Ivongo –St Marie)

7. Tax 20%

1. Gratuities (a small tip at time of service is   customary)

2. Restaurant ( Breakfast–Lunch–Diner)

3. Beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic,   including bottled water

4. Personal items such as telephone, fax,   laundry, etc.

5. All items not specified in the itinerary

6. Domestic flight with Air Madagascar

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